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Why TD7? Here's why.

Tim Dahlen, founder of TD7 Sports, is the son of the one of only two men in the NFL to have earned 7 Super Bowl rings, Neal Dahlen. (The other being Bill Belichick.)


Neal was with the San Francisco 49ers – first as a scout, then as a coach, then Director of Player Personnel – for their 5 Super Bowl Championships. Then with the Denver Broncos, as Director of Player Personnel and then General Manager, he earned his 6th and 7th rings.  Is he a secret weapon?  I think so.


As a result, Tim worked in the NFL for the San Francisco 49ers for many years, and then moved over to MLB with the San Francisco Giants. With that background comes unique sports insight, lasting personal connections, a huge collection of sports memorabilia and amazing stories. He knows what authentic memorabilia looks like because he worked with it every day.  And for those reasons, clients continue to build their collections with TD7.   

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